The Leadership Academy of Club de Líderes is aimed at young people between the ages of 15 and 22 who want to learn how to manage their emotions, connect with others and positively influence others.

This is for dreamers, sensitive and authentic young people who seek to overcome their inner challenges to become the heroes or heroines of their own story.

Through a comprehensive training, using a proprietary methodology, boys and girls will discover their inner latent power of leadership to build the future they have dreamed of, today!

I am the protagonist of my life,
I build my future today.


We train young leaders to develop emotional intelligence, who then bring out the best in themselves and as a result,  positively impact their peers or others.


To be a nationally and internationally recognized and endorsed leadership club that offers training for life and launches new leaders into the world: more human, more empathetic and more reasonable.



We influence others, being an example of autonomy and control, guided by human, ethical, inclusive and sustainable values.


We anticipate, setting clear objectives to change our future from the present.


It is the final result, which we achieve after conquering each step required to reach it.


We connect emotionally with others, grasp their thoughts and intentions and achieve better agreements and greater collaboration.


Recognize and understand what is different, integrating it in the search for common goals.